Friday, March 31, 2017

Tips to refurbish your old furniture for modern interiors

Please welcome Lucy Justina from World Craft Industries as she give us some tips on updating your home as styles change!

Tips to refurbish your old furniture for modern interiors
Changing the interior with changing trends is simply not possible as it involves hefty costs. Disposing the old furniture is another trouble that one would face at the time of home makeover. Globalization and technology has made the ideas across the world accessible and that has resulted into frequent change in designing trends. You can now maintain pace with the changing trends easily in your budget by refurbishing the old furniture for modern look. Here are the handy tips –
  1. Segregate the unwanted
Even the unwanted stuff would have two types – reusable and recyclable. Declutter the space to find all that you want to refurbish. Whether it is big furniture item or some home décor stuff, decide whether it is in the “Unwanted” list! This will give you fair idea of how much creativity is needed for the complete home makeover. Even within the unwanted stuff, separate the ones you want to give away for recycling and the ones you want to refurbish. Furniture used for quite a long period can be disposed of as you have gained enough value from the same. The items that are in new condition or fall in your favorite list can be part of the refurbish group. This exercise takes time and lot of brainstorming sessions, but it is easy to proceed once done
  1. Refurbishing sofa
Sofa designs won’t change frequently but the influence of changing trend would be seen from time to time. Amongst various pieces of furniture, giving the modern look to the old sofa is the easiest. The basic structure of the sofa set never goes out of fashion. If you want a variation then you can use one piece from the old set and club it with the new set. In order to have new look, change the upholstery. This won’t cost you much but will give the new look to the entire room instantly. Use more funky colors and throw number of cushions to make old piece of furniture look bright and inviting.
C:\Users\ASUS\Downloads\Modern Interiors.jpg
  1. Paint it to your creativity
Have an old set of chairs? Bored of the same wooden dining table? Paint it with beautiful colors as per your creativity. You will love to flaunt this new look at the same place or for the garden sitting. The uses of the colorful coffee table are unlimited. Color the chairs in different shades to have rainbow effect. This table would also serve as the perfect seating for the group study. Show your creativity while painting and this old piece of furniture will suddenly grab all eyeballs around.
  1. Change the role
Just as you like to change your professional role from time to time, you would also appreciate to see the old furniture in new role. A crockery unit can be given some makeover to fit in the role of bookshelf, similarly a large size closet can be cut into two to fit into the guest room. This would require some skills, however you will have DIY tutorials at your rescue.
  1. Cut, color, laminate, or sell!
Try to cut, color, or laminate the old furniture for new look, but if nothing helps then don’t just discard it for free. Furniture in good condition that doesn’t fit into your new décor may be the perfect piece for someone else’s home. Put up the advertisement on social networking sites, ad sites, or arrange the yard sale. Whatever you earn from the old one would help you buy a good quality replacement.
Keeping pace with the changing trends is important, and so is to maintain the budget. Follow the above tips and you will get the best of both!


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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Making the Master Bed

This post has been a draft for...about...a year now. Wow! That is sad. I'm feeling lately like I want to pick back up on posting to at least share with you what I've been working on.

I've had some pretty fun and exciting stuff happen this year that I want to document/share.
But first, let me catch up on some of my older projects!

I found this image a couple of years ago and fell in love with the bed. I decided I was going to make it for us at our new house.

We started by assembling the frame using 2 x 8's.

Then added 2x 4's around the inside of the frame on the long sides to hold the slats that would hold the mattress up.

Next, we added 1x3's along the top and bottom edge of the 2x8's; mitering them at the corners and attaching them with a brad nailer.

I don't think I got a picture of the next step, but you'll see it already completed in the next images. We added cove trim under/inside the 1x3's at the top and bottom. We chose to buy the white cove trim because it was less expensive than the natural finished cove trim.

I painted the trim in Valspar's  Montpelier Ashlar Gray, just like my inspiration blog post did. Then I used Daddy Van's Antique Brown wax over it to age it. I finished it with a matte polyacrylic to protect it.

**In retrospect I don't think regular paint absorbs this wax very good - it wiped off easy. So either look for a chalk or milk paint color or, use a wax that you know can be used with regular latex paint. (I do use a matte or flat paint to help match chalk paint properties but it may not do the best job)

With all that being said I'm still happy with how this turned out, so let's continue! :)

I purchased a natural linen fabric for the upholstered part at Joann's, along with some thicker poly batting. I first used our pneumatic stapler to attach the fabric and batting.

I ordered a white twill tape (which was harder to find than I expected!!) And picked up a ton of the nailhead packs in bronze from Walmart. They are my favorite design and the cheapest option. It just took a few trips to Walmart over several weeks to get as many as I needed.

I measured 2" from center to center of the nailheads for spacing, and attached the twill tape with them.

The feet on the bed are actually treated outdoor post toppers found in Lowe's near the solar post caps. They are the cheapest option with a cool look!

Here's a video to show the bed from all sides.
**On the trim (1x3's and cove) along the head of the bed I didn't go all the way along the back, and I notched out a section for 3 boards to support the headboard.

We finished the bed and moved it upstairs, let Christmas pass, and in January I started on the headboard.

It started with a piece of  plywood. We cut it down to width (trim around edges would add width so we cut plywood 1" more narrow than the desired finished width to have 1/2" cove in the trim along the sides.

I wanted to add my own touch to the bed so I decided to make a curved decorative section at the top.
I played around with a pencil and drew several designs onto the plywood. Once I was happy with it I used the jigsaw to carefully cut out the shape.


 Next I added the same trim I used on the bed frame: 1x3's and cove trim along all front edges.
On the sides the 1x3's hung over 1/2".
On the bottom edge it was flush to the plywood since it would sit on top of the bed frame.
I added 1x3's on the back side as well, but only along the sides, not the top or bottoms.

Since adding the trim make the shaped part recessed I added a 1x10 or 1x8 to the front of the plywood making it flush with the trim. Then I filled in the crack/gap with wood filler.
*Note to others - run your board through the table saw to make sure the edges are straight. It will make less of a gap and make you happier! My finished product has a small crack there, but I call it intentional! :)
I rough cut the top board to the same shape as the plywood with the jigsaw, then used a flush bit on the router to make sure they matched perfectly. That part made me nervous but it worked like a charm!


After all that, I was able to repeat the painting and waxing process.


I found a fancy wood decal we had laying around and decided that would dress up the headboard nicely, so I added that.

Then continued the fabric, trim and nailhead portion of the headboard.


The headboard is done and ready to be brought upstairs and attached to the bed!

And.... the final reveal...!!


Still working on finding the perfect bedding, the white down comforter keeps it feeling fresh and clean for now! Love the finished look!

I hope this tutorial was helpful, or fun to read at least! If you have any questions on creating your own bed please send me a message or leave me a comment! I'd love to help!

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Helping a friend with blog design

Recently one of my good friends told me she wanted to start a new blog. She had previously had a couple other blogs, but was ready to start a new one with a new topic. She knew I had some basic (and trust's very basic, but it works) knowledge of blog design through so she asked if I could help her set up the new blog. 

I was thrilled to help her, but warned her I wasn't that good and it wouldn't be too fancy. She was ok with that, so I eagerly agreed.

Her blog theme was her bucket list. She created a list of 100 dreams she would like to accomplish. The design for the blog would include the things on her list and she wanted a vintage feel. (I was happy she said this because of course that's right up my alley!)

I was a little out of practice, and didn't have a ton of time so my first design to get her started was this:

The background is a stock image from Blogger; but I liked the look. The header was a Googled image using random keywords that went with her theme.
It worked...but wasn't anything I was too proud of. I don't know the blog rules about using other people's images on your blog, but I didn't like the idea. I wanted to create a custom header that really spoke to who she was and what her dreams were. I was however, inspired by that image.
(Not too mention I couldn't get the size right and that was making me lose my mind!!)

So I began to gather things that worked with her theme. I laid it out on my kitchen table because I loved the wooden background. 

I loved how it was coming together but it felt a little plain or bare. I decided to re-read her first post to remind myself of all the things on her list and see what I could muster up that spoke to her various dreams and goals.

After finding more items and taking a ton of pictures from all sorts of angles (including standing on my swiveling stool for the best view...and fearing for my safety) I captured this view. I was pretty happy with what I achieved! The only thing I wasn't happy about is that I do not have a fancy camera so my iPhone was going to have to suffice.

After using to edit the size I uploaded the new header. I was thrilled to see how it looked! It even filled up the width just right! Now I am a little more proud to say I helped with her blog design. 
Now that it's on it's way, and she's made her first post, I'd urge you all to go visit her blog!

She is a great writer and I always look forward to reading her posts, I think you will too! Be sure to subscribe by email so you don't miss any of her adventures as she completes her list!

Here's a breakdown of some of the things on her list and how we represented them.
Read her list to understand just how they pertain to her dreams!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I created her new blog header. I'm by no means an expert, so don't judge me too harshly! :)

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Laundry Room: Reclaimed Wood Countertop

Recently my brother gave me a stack of wood the came from a house in Lafayette Square (in St. Louis) from 1875. One side of the wood was covered in several coats of paint (probably lead...put oh well!). The other side was a beautiful stained rough sawn wood. 

We trimmed it down and cleaned up the edges so it would all fit together nicely.

We laid all the wood on a sheet of 3/4" plywood so it would be sturdy.

The previous stain color of the wood was great, it just needed sprucing up. I used Howard's Restore-A-Finish to give the wood a deep luster and bring out the detail in the wood. 

I finished it with 3 coats of matte polyurethane to protect the surface.

To attach it to the wall we used 1 x 2's and screwed them along the wall into the studs. 
The wood counter top sits on top of the 1 x 2's. 

It's so wonderful to have a solid surface over the washer and dryer! No more socks and undies falling in between the them, or the washing machine vibrating things right onto the floor! The counter turned out just like I wanted it to!! 

There's still many more things I need to do to finish the laundry room, but this was definitely the biggest project. 

Next up I plan to change out the light fixture, do something around the window, and add corrugated metal wainscoting along one wall! 

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back to work: Farmhouse Table - STL Edition

Hello there! 
Have I neglected you all long enough? I admit I had the winter blues. Then I just got tired of blogging! I had to take a break and forget about uploading all my pics and sharing them with you. Now I'm feeling ready to get back into things, so here goes! 

As we were settling into our new house my project its was growing. We had completed the hutch for our dining which you can read about here. Now we needed a table to match.

We had made farmhouse table in the past, so we knew what we liked and had some ideas to change this time. We started our shopping list with these table legs from Osborne Wood. These legs are a tad pricey but they are to die for! 

We also had to find the right chairs. That is what took the longest! We were being soooo picky on the chairs! They had to be just right! I think we ended up finding them on Craigslist (big surprise!) for about $80 for 6 chairs. Score!

One chair was missing a finial but we wouldn't let that stop us. We chopped the handle off an antique cookie cutting and used that to balance it out.

We made a "Dexter" room to set the chairs and legs in so I could use our paint sprayer to paint them all quickly and smoothly! After 2 coats of paint we used 1 coat of matte polyurethane to protect them from dirty hands! 

After that we started putting the table top together. We used 7 2x6's that were 9 ft long with the bread board ends. Times like these I'm thankful my husband has far too many clamps!!

We attached the painted side boards with the keg jig.

Then we lined the legs up to figure out the bracket positioning.

Because of the small size of the corner bracket we had to add 2x4 spacers.

Carrying this table top outside the basement around the house into the dining room was quite a challenge! I think I almost killed myself... but we made it at were thrilled to be setting it up.

I'm now ready to host dinner parties, family gatherings and holidays! You're all welcome anytime! :)

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