All About Newborn Infants: Things you need to know about Newborns

When it comes to newborns they need special care and specially made accessories and clothing. For example, Infant Hair Bows and Bands are made to be more tender and gentle to the head of an infant. Newborns should also always stay in soft and comfortable clothing and should be kept warm at all times. Below are a few other things that parents and everyone, in general, should know about babies and newborns.


Newborn Infants Sleep A lot

Newborns sleep a lot but not for long periods of times. Parents need to understand their sleep patterns and understand when their newborns need to sleep and need to eat. Most babies can sleep for up six or eight hours but they might need to feed between those times. Try to get the baby in a night sleep schedule so they can sleep through most of the night and you can get some rest. However, for the first few months, parents will need to be every watchful of their babies in order to understand and meet their needs. Once the newborn infant has regained enough weight after birth then you can let them sleep through the night without feeding.


Newborns Might Not Smile Right Away

Doctors have said that parents should not expect smiles, coos or other reactionary sounds from babies until they are about 6 weeks old. But even though they don’t show these signs, they do feel comforted by their parent’s actions like cuddling, swaddling, and carrying. Also for the first few weeks, the baby may be funny looking until their face starts to take shape and form. They might appear puffy faced and their eyes swollen. This is because they’ve spent the last 9 months in the womb. Once they spend some time out in the world after a few weeks their body will start to take better form.


Babies Communicate

Your baby will let you know if he or she is having enough food as well as other things like if they are uncomfortable or stressed. A babies weight is a good indicator of if they are getting enough food or not. Newborns lose some weight right after both but then they gain it back soon after. Parents can also count how many times they change their babies diaper to gauge how well they are eating. If you notice a drastic increase or decrease in the number of diaper changes in a day for a baby then you need to check and see if the baby is ok and speak to your doctor if needed. Babies also communicate by crying a lot which can sometimes be annoying as you can be unsure what they are crying for but in time parents will be able to know what the different cries mean and attend to the baby accordingly.


Newborns will Have Dry Skin

Parents shouldn’t panic if they see that their newborn baby has dry skin. After being in liquid in the room for months, being exposed to air will cause their skin to dry out and be flaky. Sometimes the babies might also develop skin acne after one month. But this will all go away after a while. You can get some hypoallergenic fragrance-free baby lotion to help speed up the process.


You can Go Out with the Baby

Parents don’t need to hole up at home with their babies, they can go out but they need to stay away from crowded areas and not go out in extreme weather. Babies have a weak and fragile immune system and so they are more susceptible to infections so parents need to stay away from crowds and not let just anyone touch the babies hands and face. They should have strangers wash their hands before touching or carrying the baby.


Babies Grow Fast

Babies grow really quickly and so the newborn stage is not going to last long. This is good as parents might be stressed out in this stage but soon the baby will be months old, sitting up, standing, walking and soon running around the house. Before you know it, it’s their first they of school. Savor every moment with them and document as much as you can.

Fun Facts about Babies


Babies Can hear in the Womb

Babies can hear their parents voice when they are in the moon as soon as 23 weeks into the pregnancy. This means they learn language a lot sooner than when they actually start talking. This also means the mom and dads voice is the baby’s favorite sound because they hear it all the time. So after the baby is born if they are feeling restless hearing the mom speak to them and coo and sooth them will help the baby calm down.


Newborns are short-sighted

For newborns, they can’t see really far when they are born. Newborn babies can only see clearly about 20cm to 30cm (8in to 12in) in front of their faces. Everything else is a blur of light, shape, and movement. As they get older after a few months, they will be able to see better and focus more on far objects. However, newborn infants will be able to see their moms face when they are being breastfed because they are close enough. By two months old they will be able to focus on toys and colors and start to develop a liking to their toys because they can see them and play with them.