Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rustic Contemporary Candles

I've been checking out lots of blogs lately. Many of them have great ideas on how to get the looks you like for less. Well I was so inspired that I happened upon my own project! I was at the Dollar Tree picking up a few things and I came across this candles:

Now I thought...those are kind of nice, and only $1! So I bought 2. Then I started thinking...they are a little plain...what could I do to them to spruce them up? Well I went into my craft room and pulled out a few supplies. Twine/Hemp, Elmer's glue, and some scissors.

I took the glue and spread a light coat over the outside of the glass about 1 inch at a time, and wrapped the twine around and around. I ended just below the top of the wax.

I think the finished product looks very neat, and only took maybe 30 minutes and $2! (I already had the twine & glue)


Madelyn St.Claire said...

How Creative! the finished product looks 1365% better!

LizMeyers said...

Love it!

Torie Jayne said...

Looks great!
Have a sweet day!



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