Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farmhouse Interior With Rustic Elements And a Contemporary Flair

While surfing the net today I found a beautiful home that I just had to share!! This home was an abandoned and ruined farmhouse in Ampurdan, Spain. It is just gorgeous and wish I could create a home like this! If you want to read/see more check out the link below, otherwise enjoy the photos I've posted!

Read more: http://www.digsdigs.com/farmhouse-interior-with-rustic-elements-and-a-contemporary-flair/#ixzz1PGKPoBAP


audrey marie said...

lovely!! that outdoor porch is perfect!

Liz said...

This place is abandoned? Wow...sure doesn't look it! Love it! If you decide to move to Spain for work, I don't know that I would be opposed to it! Just an FYI!

Jennifer Leible said...

It was previously abandoned and restored to look like this. :)



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