Monday, June 6, 2011

New DIY Project coming soon!

This weekend I got a bit crafty! I'm still working on it, and will reveal pictures of the process and finished product soon. Until then I'll give you a little teaser.....
Although this may look like an ordinary roll of hemp cording it is helping me create something very cool for my bedroom! I love the texture the hemp cording can add. Also I've been working on bringing more natural elements and fibers to my room so this is perfect!
The project is something for above our bed!

Also I was able to fix our wicker chest at the end of the bed. You may notice that the wicker strips are drooping a little and creating a gap, well, with my mad creative skills it's fixed! Pictures to come for that as well!

Also, you might notice our new bedside lamps! I got them last month from Ikea!
I'm loving their rice paper shades! i think they coordinate very nicely with my dried flower arragement on my dresser!
Loving my cozy relaxing bedroom!

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