Monday, June 13, 2011

Project Update

So I've been busy working on my project. But I'm having an issue finishing it, so I'm open to help and opinions!

I've been looking for something to hang over my bed for a while. We have no headboard so the area is a little plain. While cleaning out our house I came across some pieces of wood that actually go with our nightstand but were damaged/scratched and so we got replacements. I hung on the the damaged pieces thinking someday I could use them. I had the top and the two drawer fronts.

Here are my supplies: the wood, scissors, hemp/twine, hot glue gun and Elmers glue.
I started out cutting a lot of strands of hemp the length of the wood, then to attach the hemp well, I ran a line of hot glue at the top of the piece. Since hot glue dries so quickly and is so messy it wasn't a good option to put under the rest. So I ran squiggly lines of Elmers down the wood under the hemp in about 2" sections at a time.

Work in progress:

After covering the large piece and two small pieces I placed a small sawtooth hanger on each. They were ready to hang and critique!

Please do not bed wasn't made at the time... After hanging I definitely agreed they need something else on them as a focal point. I think I'll leave the side plaques blank, but the center plaque needs something.

My sister suggested a natural plant element like Lunaria.....

Or some pretty dried leaves.....

Both items courtesy of
A wonderful decorating supply website!

I like both ideas, although having it attached to a branch already might be easier to decide placement. I have searched my local Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, World Market, Kirklands, and Michaels. I found some 'silk' lunaria at Michaels but it just looked cheap and fake, not near as pretty as the picture above. I'm ok with buying online but I'd rather buy at a store so that I can see the product in hand first.

So...any other ideas to help me finish my project? Comments so far?


Liz said...

Looking great so far! Now I want to make one for my bedroom with green leaves!

Madelyn St.Claire said...

Looks great Jenn! Good luck finishing it- you have a great eye for DIY style! Or any style for that matter! You're extremely creative, very inpressive.

Bromeliad said...

Maybe a sea fan painted white?

Something huge and dramatic would be cool.



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