Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dear blank, please blank

I came across this site, Dear blank, please blank and it's just TOO funny not to share. At least I've been cracking up with it! I finally stopped adding more because they are all so funny, I'll have to post more in the future!

Here's some of my favorites:

Dear Voldemort,
You could only hide for seven books?! Amateur...
Dear Winnie the Pooh,
We have the same middle name!
Dear toys,
Please stop making movies behind my back
Why does she only want you?
Dear Bella,
Does the fact that all of the Cullens know when you're on your period bother you?
Please realize that there are more mythical creatures than just vampires an werewolves.
Dear shampoo companies,
Why do you only make kids shampoo tear free?
Dear inventor of tampons,
How awkward was it to explain your invention?
Thanks, but I was just sneezing.
Dear Hallmark,
Please make one of your recordable cards that looks like a howler.
Dear everyone who calls people "pussies" when they're being "weak",
Vaginas are capable of pushing 8+ pound objects out of them, while penises can be injured by pretty much anything.
Dear mosquitos,
Please stop biting me in awkward places.
When your child asks for water and you say, "no, sweet tea or chocolate milk," I reaffirm my belief that God should make people apply to give birth.
Dear random stranger,
The look on your face when I drank blue Gatorade from a bottle of Windex was priceless.


Cat said...

Thanks for the laugh today! John the Baptist made me giggle :)

♥ Cat brideblu

Katya said...

I absolutely love this site! It's perfect when you're feeling down and need a little pick me up.

I also love your cute little blog :) Def coming back soon.

Liz said...

Ok...the first ones were cute...but as I kept going I was laughing harder and harder! I died on the pussies being weak one! haha...



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