Sunday, August 21, 2011

Float Trip Weekend

This weekend we got a group together for a float trip on the Meramac River. Some of my favorite people ever, my hubby of course - Corey. His buddy Brian. Our friend Mattie that we've known since high school, her new friend Mike, and my awesome co-worker Holly!! We had a great time!
On the drive down there is started pouring rain, lighting and everything. We were worried we might not even get to float. But by the time we made it to the resort the rain had stopped and there was hope of sunshine after all!
 So after a bus ride to our drop off we embarked on our 7 mile float!
Had a fantastic time! Lots of fun, laughter, some cliff jumping and cave exploring! With only a few scrapes I'm spending my Sunday sleeping and relaxing a lot before the work week begins. 

A special shout out to my sis - Today is her birthday! 
Happy Birthday Liz, I love you!!


Liz said...

I'm soooo sad I couldn't go! Looking at your pics made me realize I want to go on a float trip for my 30th bday! Ohhh...that is scary to say even though it isn't that far away!

Madelyn St.Claire said...

Thirty in Missouri!!!



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