Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New shoes!

While it may seem like all I do is shop, I swear it's not true. You're probably thinking...yeah right! But I always look for the best deals and never spend too much! I just got these new Steve Madden "Mylie" shoes!

Guess where?!

Sam's Club!!

Not the first place you think of when shopping for shoes, especially Steve Maddens! I was there to check out their produce, laundry detergent, etc...and happened by the shoes where I saw brand names like Puma, Steve Madden, etc. I had to stop an look!

For a long time I was anti the 'Toms' type shoe. But...I love jute, burlap, hemp...all those types of fabrics and I had seen that type of shoe in a jute/canvas/natural style. I knew I was in for trouble...and when I found these Steve Madden's I liked them even better than the Toms! (the toe is less weird). While my friend reminded me no kid gets free shoes from my purchase I assured her I would donate a pair to make up for it. :)

Back to the shoes I actually bought...you'll never guess how much!?!


Yup...cheap right? I'm wearing them today and they are so comfy!!

What do you think? Do you like TOMS? The knock off look, like my Steve Madden's? Or are you still disliking/hating this trend?

1 comment:

Liz said...

Well...while I am not a fan of TOMS and will probably never be...I must admit they look cute on you in these pics. They suite your style more than they do mine so I don't think I could pull them off well. Great deal!



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