Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Travelers & Guest Bloggers

As some of you might have picked up by now, I'm going on a lovely vacation very soon!!
I couldn't be more thrilled! It's always been a dream of mine to travel to many different countries. So here's my time - my kick off to becoming a world traveler!

Our first stop: Riviera Maya, Mexico!

On this trip I plan to:
1. Lay on the beach a ridiculously large amount
2. Try Ziplining for the first time ever
3. Do some local shopping and pick up some amazing finds
4. Visit Chichen Itza and learn a little about the Mayan history
5. Eat & Drink whatever my heart desires at our all-inclusive resort
6. Take some stunning photos to share with all my lovely blog followers

Other places I hope to visit someday:
Santiago/Easter Island/Tahiti trip
Costa Rica
New Zealand
And just about any country because I just love traveling!

Here's some more photos that inspire my travels:
While I'm gone, I've asked some of my very best friends to guest blog for me!
Elle Meyers at If Every Day Was Summer.

Madelyn is a wonderful friend who I've known since high school. She is fun, fashionable, and fabulous! She has a fantastic sense of style - you'll notice this from any of her blog posts! She is a great friend and we have SO much fun together!

Elle is my big sis! We've been best friends since the 80's! :) She is always there for me no matter how big or little the problem is. She is so much fun and her laughter is contagious! She is an interior decorator and it shows in her amazing Polyvore creations! Her blog is so true, I DO wish every day was summer!

I hope you enjoy their posts! Don't miss me too much!


Liz said...

I can't wait to see your fabulous photos of Mexico! Be sure to take lots of pics of the scenery, architecture, culture, marketplace, etc! I want to see it all!
I would be happy to take a Santiago/Easter Island/Tahiti trip with you one day! That would be a really awesome trip to take together! We could bring the boys if they are lucky!!

mynameispanna said...

I love to travel as well as I'm glad that you're planning to visit NZ because I'd like to go there too. How about visiting Asia? I came from Philippines and we have lots of breath-taking beaches here. I hope you'll consider that and you might also want to check out LIFO. It's a free fashion hub for girls that let them interact with others to share beauty tips and fashion ideas.

Jennifer Leible said...

You're right, I should check out some places in Asia! Thanks for the idea!



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