Friday, September 30, 2011

Ombre Lips: Will You Try This Fall Beauty Trend?

Ombre Lips
Beauty looks from Miu Miu's Fall 2011 show and Dior's Fall 2010 show.

We've seen ombre hair, we've tried ombre nails, but have you heard of ombre lips
There's two ways you can go with this look: a lighter color in the middle softly blending into a more pigmented shade (like at the fall 2011 Miu Miu show on the left) or keeping the color super strong in the middle and fading to almost nothing around the edges (like at the fall 2010 Dior show on the right. The look is also sometimes known as "wine-stained lips" because it's reminiscent of a long night after drinking lots of red wine. Not like we'd know from experience or anything... *cough*).
So, you think you're ready to take the plunge and try this bold lip trend? To be clear, this is not the 90′s look of a dark lip liner—it's all about the shading to create a 3D effect. Let's make that pout POP!

• Find contrasting colors that are in the same family like red and pink, red and orange, or purple and pink.
• Matte finishes work best. Make sure to fill the ENTIRE lip with the darker base shade to avoid the lip-liner effect.
• To add a lighter color to the center of your lips, dab the color on with your finger or use a brush to blend.
• With a bold lip statement like this one, make sure to keep the rest of your makeup low key.
Good luck! And, um, for the wine-stained effect grab a bottle of Merlot and call it a day. Just kidding... Sort of.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday's Favorites

 Just some favorites that caught my eye. Hope you enjoy!


 Just some favorites that caught my eye. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Upcycled Inspiration: Picker Sisters

I know...I'm a little bit behind with this show. Please don't judge if you have already seen it and it's old news. I finally caught an episode and I think the season might actually be over! Oh no! At least they are still playing re-runs...
The show is on Lifetime, Tuesdays at 9pm central. Reruns are Thursdays.

Their exchange of witty banter back and forth about do's and don'ts of life on the road got me chuckling in the beginning and I knew I'd like watching these ladies.

They spent the show searching through warehouses, flea markets, and backyards to find scraps of metal, scaffolding, garments carts from old factories, kevels, and much more! They look at "junk" and see treasure! I love it! I'm addicted to this show. I think it will really inspire me to find new ways to re-purpose things.

Picker Sisters Love to Repurpose Old Things

It's too hard to explain how neat this show is. You need to watch it and see for yourself!

Tips and Tricks for Pickin'
Here is a list of guidelines to keep in mind when taking on your own refurb projects. Be smart, be brave, be fabulous, and you too can be the designer of gorgeous furniture pieces that are as unique as you are.
1. Inspiration Everywhere — We draw inspiration and ideas from everything around us all the time. The most original ideas can come from the most unlikely places. So keep your eyes open and your creative goggles on, and draw inspiration from the great big world around you.
2. Think Outside the Acrylic Box — A good place to start is to consider whether the size/shape/color of a found object resembles a design element. If an item has a silhouette similar to a lampshade or is the perfect width for a side table, it will be less of a stretch and probably easier to execute. In time, you’ll get more adventurous and will, no doubt, get more daring with your design plans. And, in turn, you’ll start to get funny looks from people, like we do, when you see a piece of rusty farm equipment and involuntarily point and blurt out, “Lighting fixture!”
3. You Can’t Fake Patina — As you’ve probably already gathered, we get giddy over aged items that wear their history on their ragged sleeve. To us, rust rules, and we find the authenticity of well-worn pieces infinitely more interesting than their shiny, factory-made counterparts.  We love the idea of embracing the imperfections of items you love, giving them a new use and adding new pages to the stories of their already rich lives.
4. Embrace the Eclectic — It’s natural to gravitate toward certain design styles, eras and colors. But don’t feel that you need to pick a theme and stick to it. Actually, we tend to adore the opposite. Mixing old with new, modern with antique, or rustic with mid-century can bring a freshness to your style and breathe new life into your space.
5. Size Matters —  Measure the spaces in your house so you know the dimensions of the areas you’re trying to fill. Revere your tape measure like a precious limb. Keep it at the ready so you can make wise choices about the logistics of your purchases.
6. Practically Practical — Make mental note of who will be using the pieces and how often, and design your projects using materials that will suit your lifestyle.
7. Raw-Material Roundup — When we’re on the road, we tend to fall madly in love with big statement pieces. However, equally important are the smaller, supplemental purchases. We always keep an eye out for unique materials that can serve as legs, bases and the connective tissue for our projects.
8. Beware of Budget — Even when an item seems affordable, it’s important to remember that it’s still in its raw state. Think about what needs to be done to this item to realize your vision.
9. Know Your Limits —  If the piece you’re eyeing is an easy fix that you can handle in an afternoon, by all means snap it up. But if you know it’s just going to sit in your garage since it’s a colossal undertaking, it’s probably better to save yourself the money and the aggravation and put your efforts into a project that’s easier to conquer.
10. The Only Opinion That Counts Is Yours —  Your taste is the most important; don’t worry about trends or what your friends’ houses look like — unless you want to. It’s all up to you. Design, like art, is subjective, so there are no right or wrong answers.

If you're crafty, if you love flea markets, if rusty antiques tickle your fancy, watch this show. Your creative juices will be flowing and you'll itch to run straight out to the nearest flea market! The only critique I have is I wish you saw more of them turning these pieces into the finished product. There were bits & pieces but not enough.

As it happens I had my own visit to a flea market yesterday. We got there late so a lot of the good stuff was probably gone, plus a lot of it can be over priced...

However I found one piece I'm really proud of!
Vintage washboard with the great printed words & rusted metal

I think it's going to look great in my house! :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Winery Weekend

This weekend we had a groupon for a winery in Illinois. "The Winery at Shale Lake" is it's name. I bought this groupon in March so it was high time we used it! We started out with a wine tasting. I liked so many of them I had Corey pick. Of course he picked the one called "Spider Legs" that was a blueberry wine...

We also shared a delicious White Garlic & Sausage Pizza. Yummm!

This winery was a bit out in the country and the  people there were a But hey that's ok! We had a good time!

Also included in our groupon besides the wine & food was a 1/2 hour bike rental on this great little bike thingy. I don't think bike is the best word for it, but you did have to pedal and it's not really a carriage...

I wanted to sing the Oklahoma musical song "Surrey with a Fringe on Top" the whole time! 
I tried explaining the scene from the movie to Corey but he just didn't get it. :)

Had a great time getting away and relaxing. I'm looking forward to a few more winery trips this fall!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Braided Bun

After finding this braided bun on a blog I follow, the brunette one I knew I had to try it. I love wearing my hair up in a bun and this twist to my usual style was eagerly embraced.

Here's the original tutorial:

Here's my version:

Loving this redesigned bun!
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If money wasn't an object...

If money wasn't an object when decorating my house I'd go nuts! I have champagne taste on a beer budget.

Oh so sad.

Here's some of the items I would buy from
Restoration Hardware:

This amazing bed for my master bedroom.
This gorgeous trunk from my coffee table. 
 LOVE the details!!
Lovely linen curtains.. 
 A fantastic industrial bookshelf
 with more wonderful details...
 And shown in a room. I love the style of this room.
This rustic take on a candelier for my dining room 
 Some rustic wooden bowls for fruit, decor, etc
 Love these pillows made of burlap & linens
 I like the fabric and print on this chair but would want a cleaner more simple base.
Office/reading chair. I'm in love. Cozy.

From Pottery Barn:

Great dining room table with bolt details.

I'll take this chair for anywhere in my house! Love it!
Another great hanging light!
 Jute rug!!

Urban Outfitters:

Driftwood mirror
"Everything In Its Place Wall Hook " 

DIY ideas for my house:

A girl can dream can't she?



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