Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Weekend Fun!

Saturday night we went to an awesome bonfire! It was at my brother's property, he's building his own house! No house yet but plenty of space to have an awesome night! He's got his huge fancy grill out there, patio table with chairs, hammocks, a tent for when they want to stay out there. There's even a nice wall of firewood to give me some privacy when I've had too much to drink! :) 
He grilled pork burgers, chicken, pork chops, zuchinni. He also made his delicious macaroni salad! Yay! After we ate we roasted marshmellows!

Sunday we spent cleaing up our house - it was in bad need of a fall cleaning! Also we made chili...yummm! I love chili! I also love adding fresh chopped red onion to it right before I eat it!
I've been working on reupholstering a chair, I'm in the middle of it, yesterday I hit a bump in the road, but I think I've made it over and it's just a matter of finding the time it takes to get it completed! Hopefully soon!!

Hope everyone had a spectacular weekend!


Elle Meyers said...

Wow, I'm really jealous right now that you got to go to Josh's new property and have a bonfire with them! I wish I could have been there! All your photos make me want to put on some boots, comfy sweater, a cute hat, and chill in front of the fire!

I need to learn how to make a proper chili...I always use the cheat fast recipes! It still isn't cold enough around here to get in the mood for hot soups and stews.

- Elle (Barefoot And Beautiful)

JRDM designs & photography said...

How fun!!! I need to go camping this fall =) Its wonderful to be outdoors this time of year!!
Great blog- you just got another follower-


Madelyn St.Claire said...

I am so excited for our bonfire on Friday. Looking at those photos make me want to decorate a little bit... Hang lights or something from the trees... Hmm. I hope we have as much fun on Friday as you did this last weekend. I must see this chair! I'm sure its divine!




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