Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Flea Market Finds!

This weekend I spent some time garage saling and flea marketing!
I found some really spectacular antique items to decorate with!

First I found this old horse yoke, for only $2!
(they are selling on ebay for up to $50)

Along with the yoke I found this old iron with a wooden handle, also for $2.

I found two antique onion crates, they were originally asking $10 each, and I snagged them for $5 for the pair! What a deal!!

I also got this cutting board for $1, I think it will make a great base for a cool vintage sign create with some stenciling.

I haven't figured out exactly where and how I'll use them, but I'm so excited about them. I feel like the yoke would make a great mantle piece, but I have no mantle. The crates will be great decorative storage, but they aren't the sturdiest so I'll have to be careful. The iron will definitely be part of my sewing room decor!
Love finding someone's junk and turning it into my treasure! All of this for only $10!


Shannon said...

Those onion crates are really cool. I need something like that for downstairs toys.

Elle Meyers said...

Do you subscribe to Velvet & Linen? If not you really should...It meshes perfectly with your style! You would love her posts.
I have a crate like that I got from Grandma's farm house. I stained mine and use it as a little side table and store books in it.

mary said...

Total score beauty pie! BTW, I am LOVING on your blog over here! And saw that you are a patternmaker? ROck it sista. I work in the industry too! I'm your newest follower! xox!



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