Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This was shared on Facebook today from a friend. I needed to hear it.

..come before God regularly...Strengthen your inner life through reading, praying, and distrusting your old way of life. Altho you have lived far from Him, You need not be afraid to come to him like a little child. Tell Him how weak and miserable you are, tell Him what you need and what bothers you...put away all your grand ideas and just be honest with Him. -Fenelon p. 109

I'm still feeling like I've made a mistake and I want to go 'home'. To St. Louis, to my house, to my old job, to my friends. My husband thinks we need to stick it out and that if we go back now it means we've failed. I don't feel that way at all. I know if I leave that means I leave my sis all alone as Justin goes off to basic training and that kills me. I love being with her, but my day to day work is killing me. I feel panicked and overwhelmed almost 100% of the day. I feel confused, lost, scared, and just want to curl up in my bed and cry. Why am I feeling this way? I've prayed and prayed and nothing feels different. I know God doesn't work in an instant, but how do I know if he has a plan for me to stay or a plan for me to leave?
Someone help me!!


hollywood said...

Time is what you need. Time to get settled in, time to get used to new people, new places, and new adventures. Whenever I found myself alone in a new place I would try and think of things that make me happy. For me it was things as simple as getting a library card. Now I had a place to go and find a new book to distract me or movies to watch. Take a walk in gym class. New people to meet, yoga to de-stress and re-focus. Allow yourself time to thing of all the things you do have. Look up a new restaurant. Try out a new coffee shop or maybe there's a cheap movie theater close by. Go out on dates to explore a new area, mall, maybe ice skating. How about the rodeo! Learn how to 2-step with a random cowboy! I did! Try and get yourself out of the house and immerse yourself in your new environment. Allow yourself time to embrace the change and Lean on each other. You are a team and by supporting one another and exploring together you will become even closer and more understanding of each other. Give yourself time to let things fall into place. Time is all you need.

Elle Meyers said...

I like what Hollywood had to say. I'm sorry Jenn for keeping you so closed up! We need to get out this weekend! You want to go Saturday afternoon to Home Goods and get a glass of wine at the Vineyard on the square before Justin's bday dinner? My treat?

Whatever you decide do it for you not me. I will be ok no matter what. Just keep being honest with yourself and honest with God on your wants, desires, and concerns. If you feel God is leading you a specific way pray that He will work in Corey as well so that the two of you are on the same page when you make a decision. God can work all kinds of miracles!



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