Monday, November 7, 2011

Jenny Packham 2012 Fall – Vintage Chic

Jenny Packham 2012 Fall – Vintage Chic
One more view of a collection before I share my annual trends post on Monday. Another designer on my to-check list? Jenny Packham. Out of all the wedding gown designers, Jenny stands out in my mind as the only designer who has a signature style. Remember Kate Middleton’s pink/gold skimming dress that she wore to a fundraiser event? If you had to guess without knowing who the designer was but got the hint that it was someone who also designed wedding gowns, you could probably guess it was by Packham.
The gowns seem to wear so effortlessly. They’re ornate and somewhat vintage-styled. The beads are placed so delicately to add to the form of the gown and I could stare at the entire collection for hours. Below are just a few that I love. I’m beyond smitten with the first set of two, especially the one on the right. 


Sara Szatmary said...

Do those come in other colors?! I love the short one for a holiday party!

Ivana said...

Oh my, I´m in love with these dresses, they are so beautiful and special!
I´ve just stumbled upon your amazing blog and am totally following you!

Happy Tuesday!

xx Ivana
Style in the City

Elle Meyers said...

My favorite two are probably top right and bottom left! They are beautiful. I want to see more of this kind of stuff in fashion now. I'm tired of all the sloppy non-flattering trends going on right now.
Love these gowns.

- Elle

Juliette Crane said...

loving these! so gorgeous and elegant! thank you for sharing so much inspiration on your beautiful blog! i can't stop looking through it all :)

xo, juliette

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ahhh the short one...can i have it?



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