Friday, November 18, 2011

Model Obsession

As of lately I've been slightly obsessed with Karlie Kloss, an amazing young new model.
Karlie is from St. Louis (Webter Groves to be specific for you locals out there...), which interests me even more. Also I went to college with her older sister. After I discovered the connection I started watching for her and following her ads, runways, etc
She is so young and has managed to land big designer names and numerous runway shows during many fashion weeks. She is only 19!!
 Her runway walk, one of the most unique, is often described as powerful and 'panther-like'. At one time Tyra mocked her walk, and now she claims Karlie is one of her favorite models. (Of course she would...)

Donna Karan print & runway

Oscar de la Renta runway & print

Dior - retro look print ad

H&M Fall lookbook

2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Hope you love Karlie as much as I do!


Courtney said...

What a fun post! You've managed to make her relatable and more real while still complementing her unique beauty! Love your blog. Just found you through your sister. You two are BEAUTIFUL!

Courtney said...

p.s. Your sister mentioned you do button swaps. Would you like to swap with me?

Mrs. T said...

She is so gorgeous and unique looking!!



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