Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Never Cease To AMAZE

Little did I know that H&M announced that it would begin selling home furnishings. As of 2009, it was distributed exclusively by the company's internet catalog, so it is only available in countries where H&M is sold online, such as Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

It has been announced that the US will be able to shop online at the turn of 2011/2012. This is SOON! Does this mean we will be able to also shop the Home collection? I hope so! I stumbled onto the Netherlands website and was able to browse the home collection and I fell in LOVE.

It's a bit of an Ikea meets Urban Outfitters vibe, with a little more pep! I can't wait until it makes its way to the States. All I can say is, Europeans, shop your hearts out and show H&M that they're onto something!

Here's some of my favorites from their site.


Sara Szatmary said...

I love the vintage/homespun look of these!

mary said...

Wahaaaaaaat?! I.might.pass out. Or something. Holy amazing h&m! Love these vintage printed items too! xox!



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