Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MIA & a few of my favorite things...

So sorry I've been MIA lately!
I've been keeping very busy and I have to say I'm feeling pretty good!
I've gotten fairly settled into my new job and I'm rather liking it. It's definitely still a big change, but it's nice to have something new now that I'm not freaking out!
Why did I freak out so much? I really don't know why I felt like it was the end of the world for a bit, but my brother-in-law would just blame it on the fact that I'm a woman. Hmmm.
My commute is still ridiculously long but I'm even getting more used to that. It keeps me in touch with all my friends and family as I have a lot of phone time to talk!

(Inserting the invitation for any of my friends to call me between 7-8am & 4:30-5:15pm)

Later this week we are headed up to good 'ol Missouri to celebrate Christmas with family! It will be nice to see more familiar faces and places! I even get to sleep in my house which I'm looking forward to enjoying for a few more days. (It's still on the market and still not sold....grrrr)

Here are a few of my favorite things from Pinterest lately...



Madelyn St.Claire said...

So glad you're settling in. : )

If I'm more motivated next week, I will want some phone time.

The photo of the newly weds in the snowy field, makes my heart melt. It is so beautiful, I desperately want this.
Love you, cannot wait to see you.

Please have safe travels.

Elle Meyers said...

Oh, I'm loving so many of the photos! That first one of the door is fantastic! Love the quote in the true. The girls hair in the envious!
The book binds are soooo pretty, I want them on my shelf!

Sorry for Justin's super frank, and usually rude comments! Thank goodness women are emotional otherwise what would this world be like!!

- Elle

Elle Meyers said...

FYI, I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award! Check it out at on my blog!

Barefoot and Beautiful

Courtney said...

Gorgeous pics! I have a little clock much like the one in the second-to-last photo. But even if I didn't have a clock I would LOVE that photo. The lighting in it is breathtaking...

So happy to hear you're feeling more comfortable with your new life! Yay! God is good to those who wait on Him...

cryskay said...

so many gorgeous photos. love the wedding photos in the snow! xx

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