Wednesday, April 27, 2011


XXV today!!!

Finally turned 25 today! I feel like I've been waiting for 25 for a while now. People can finally see me as a responsible adult. At least that's the age where I feel the crossover is definite!!

I had a birthday treat at work and they got me a gift card to H&M! Yay! Can't wait for some shopping time!
When I came home Corey had tidied the house, baked me a cake, took me to dinner & to see Water for Elephants!! (Great movie!!)
My favorite part was when Corey tried and succeeded in singing me the best off-key birthday song and letting me make my wish!

Wonderful day, but now I'm tired! Goodnight!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Take Flight

Shoe design I created a few years ago for a design contest. I didn't make it, but I just came across this mood board and thought I'd share. I liked the concept and feel a lot.

Monday, April 18, 2011

You know you love me...

My favorite shows are back this week!!! After SUCH a LONG break!! Please Fox & CW don't do it again!!

Finally painted our master bedroom!

Over the weekend we finally painted our master bedroom! It feels so much more inviting and relaxing! I absolutely love it!
I changed my mind on the color once or twice, but I'm very happy with our final choice, Channel Seal Gray:
We got the Valspar paint from Lowe's and went for 2 gallons so we'd have enough for a second coat.

Interestingly enough the color we chose just happened to be part of Genevieve Gorder's eight standout Valspar colors for her Spring 2011 palette. (HGTV's Dear Genevieve, Trading Spaces, Design Star) The other colors are Plumberry, Green Tea Leaves, Swiftly Green, Sage Morsel, Ancestral Haze, Golf Infusion, and Promenade.
"Before spring has sprung, it's important to think about bringing some new color into your life," says Gorder. "There's no reason not to try something different in your home and with the 'Power in Color' Giveaway, Valspar makes it simple."

You can get free samples of Valspar paint by liking Valspar's Facebook page. The free 8-ounce samples will come with a roller, a paint pan and coordinating paint chips—everything needed to make choosing the right colors easy. The kit also includes a coupon for $5 off a gallon of Valspar at Lowe’s stores nationwide for when consumers are ready to start their paint project.

Here's a few pictures of our finished product. We aren't completely done with the decor so it's just a peak!
The second picture also shows out new mirror above our dresser! Corey was willing to head to Home Goods this weekend with me and HE found this great mirror for only $49.99. It fits perfectly above our dresser and really adds a lot to the room (we think!).
Can't wait to finish this room with all the decor we want!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Swimsuit from ASOS

While surfing the net on this cold morning I came across a website called ASOS. They have some very cute stuff, and even cuter clearance stuff (cuter because it's on sale!). I've been looking for a new swimsuit this summer and I'm not entirely sure this is the one, but for the top and bottom for only $14.34 & free shipping?? I will try it out!'s coral. :D
Now they call it orange, but I think it's obvious it's not an ORANGE orange, and let's face it...coral is a confusing shade sometimes. The other thing I love about this, is the skinny halter straps. They will be perfect for getting the least amount of tan lines!
Will arrive on or before May 2nd!

Friday, April 15, 2011

All Things Coral...

If you truly know me, you know that I love all things coral....
So in honor of my love for all things coral I thought I'd blog a few of my favorite coral decor pictures! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rustic Contemporary Candles

I've been checking out lots of blogs lately. Many of them have great ideas on how to get the looks you like for less. Well I was so inspired that I happened upon my own project! I was at the Dollar Tree picking up a few things and I came across this candles:

Now I thought...those are kind of nice, and only $1! So I bought 2. Then I started thinking...they are a little plain...what could I do to them to spruce them up? Well I went into my craft room and pulled out a few supplies. Twine/Hemp, Elmer's glue, and some scissors.

I took the glue and spread a light coat over the outside of the glass about 1 inch at a time, and wrapped the twine around and around. I ended just below the top of the wax.

I think the finished product looks very neat, and only took maybe 30 minutes and $2! (I already had the twine & glue)

Want to make this!

So a few weekends ago I went to Chandler Hill Winery with some friends for a bachelorette party. Here's a VERY candid photo of us all hanging out during the tasting.

While there I noticed a really awesome lighting.....fixture.....for lack of a better word. I really want to make a version of this for my house.

I would like to put it in my bedroom, although I have to figure out how and where. My husband's dad is an iron worker (there's probably a more official word for that...welder maybe?) He makes amazing things, just check out his website for pictures --->
I'm hoping we can get him to help us with the hanging base for the candles. However, he's a busy guy with his new business, so we have to find the time...
Now just to figure out the size and placement!

Thoughts and comments are appreciated!


I must have my morning cup of coffee at work...without it I can be dangerous. I already got a bit snippy this morning and realized I hadn't had coffee yet. Not good! Enjoying it now with some hazelnut creamer! Yumm!

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Clothes & Shoes!

I've been doing a little shopping lately! I've gotten several new shoes, perfect for the summer! The flats I got on sale at Express, of course! The Coconuts by Matisse Bennett Wedge in Ivory I got through HauteLook!

I HAD to make it to the Express sale this weekend, additional 20% off the already marked down CLEARANCE prices!! It was calling my name! So I got sucked in and bought 3 new tops! :) I couldn't find pictures of all the tops, but I got close! I got the cream cardigan to replace an older one I had, the blue woven top I got in a grey/black combo, and the Taupe/Foliage flyaway cardigan was a short sleeve sweater, which matches the taupe shoes! Love it!



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