Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Christmas Vacation and Blog-cation.

During my Christmas vacation I accidentally took a blog-cation as well. 
I hope you all didn't mind! :)

My "vacation" was hardly that...
Day 1: (23rd) Drive from Houston to St. Louis
Day 2: Running errands, Christmas Eve Candlelight service @ church
Day 3: Christmas! Picked up my hubby at the airport then visited a total of 3 families/houses!
Day 4: Christmas with my family...presents, the meal, etc. Dinner with the in-laws
Day 5: Packing our house, Gametime with the family, holiday party with friends
Day 6: Pack up my entire house and load it into the moving truck
Day 7: Drive from St. Louis to Houston, unload half the moving truck

So, we finally moved all our belongings to Texas with us. That's right. We're committing to this move! 
I was incredibly overwhelmed as we were trying to load everything up as I didn't feel prepared, I didn't have as much packed up as I wanted/needed. Thank goodness my sis was there to help me get organized and do some of the cleaning while the men loaded up everything.
Now most of my stuff is in one sisters house/garage while the rest is in the other sister's house/garage that we are living at. I need to organize and unpack everything I need soon. She needs her garage, and I need a non-chaotic life!

Christmas was great, loved seeing my family even though it felt quick. Got some awesome gifts! My hubby got me my fav Victoria Secret perfume: Sexy Little Things, a VS sleepshirt, a whole set of Mandarin Mint scented products from Ulta and every nail care tool possible from Sally Hansen!

So add in a few days after that for recovery and general zombie like acts like sleeping, lounging, eating and we're pretty much caught up!

Here's some pictures of our Christmas. Me & my sister's modeling our exciting new snuggies. My hubby, Corey & I opening presents, Corey thrilled with his new gifts..., and me trying on my new scarf!

Happy New Year!!

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Courtney said...

Welcome back! Love the Christmas pics you took. And yay for moving all your stuff to your new location. That's gotta feel great!



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