Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A lovely V day for me!

I came home to these roses held by my wonderful husband!

I love flowers! Any & All kinds!

Here we are getting ready to leave for our date!
I just got this dress last week from Express. It's coral! I looove coral!
(Sorry about the bad picture quality)

The dress even has pockets! How awesome!!

We ate at a hibachi grill, I love them!

We had a great night! How was your Valentine's Day?


averie said...

mmm I LOVE hibachi!!! and you look beautiful in your dress- coral is one of my faves.

Madelyn St.Claire said...

Beautiful!! You're hair looks great curled!! And Corey looks fabulous as always! ;)
I met up with a guy who has great potential, we had dinner and then watched movies at his place! xoxo

I miss you guys!


Elle said...

Love your new dress!
Hey check out this Monday post! You will love the photos!



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