Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Running errands & a BAD haircut!

This past Saturday rolled around and I had high hopes  to be QUITE productive! 

On my to do list:

Stop by the bank...

Check out the Goodwill near my house and compare it to St. Louis...
(more expensive...maybe not quite as good but I will need to make another trip to be sure)

The Shoe Hospital to pick up my poor sick shoes...ok bad joke...
New heel tips on my favorite black heels...Is $9 too much to pay for heel tips?

 An oil change...7k since my last one...I was well overdue!

 And....a haircut.
Ugh. The worst haircut in my life!! I told the girl "I like the length, I just want layers" 
We picked a layer length, she shortened them by another 3", she put 3/4 of my hair in short layers while leaving a few scraggly bits longer...and she left one teensy tiny strand of my original length...see below.

WOW! Really?!?!?!?! Craaazy girl! Go back to beauty school and stop ruining people's lives! Hair is a girl's LIFE! Needless to say I went home and bawled a little!
My sweet hubby told me I could pay to go to a nicer salon and get it fixed but fixed means shorter...so I'll make due until it grows out more. It looks nice curled...but I can't curl my hair EVERY day! Ponytails are the other option.
So sad. :(


Madelyn St.Claire said...

That is crazy and so sad.

I definitely think you should check out that Goodwill now! Keep your mind off your hair! :)

Love you, I know you'll learn to rock the new style.


averie said...

I am going to recommend Stella at Salon Jorj as a hair stylist for you. :-P I drive down to Austin to have her cut my hair, she is absolutely fabulous. If you go, tell her Averie sent you! I can pretty much guarantee you will love her. :-)

Elle said...

Sorry Jenn...
A bad hair cut can ruin your entire week and longer! I have cried over a hair cut before. If it makes you feel better I haven't noticed it because you do a great job at disguising it! I will go with you if you decide to go somewhere else!

~ Elle

Courtney said...

Oh I HATE a bad haircut. And I would definitely have cried tears too. Hopefully it will grow out right quick! I'm positive you still are gorgeous though!



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