Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beach Day = Success!

 Saturday we made our way to Galveston, and with a little change of plans, crossed to Port Bolivar on the ferry. I've only been on a ferry a few times and this was fun. However the lines were LONG!

The ferry's had an upper deck and during the ride you could get out of your car and take in the sites! Also from the deck you were able to look out and see DOLPHINS!!

I've NEVER seen a dolphin! I felt like a kid in a candy store! Yay!! :)

After the ferry ride we made it to Crystal Beach!
This beach/island was actually totally destroyed by Ike in 2008 but they have started re-building.
You are allowed to drive up and down the beach and pull your car right up the the water. That was kind of cool.

So operation beach day was a success! One beach down, hundreds to go! We plan to visit as many beaches as possible this year and find our favorites!


Shannon said...

That seems like a great day! I've always wanted to go on a ferry and dolphins are you kidding?! So glad you are out exploring.

Madelyn St.Claire said...

That is TOO cool.
What a busy day!!

Alabaster Rose Designs said...

Hi Jennifer,
It looks like you had an amazing time!
I can't believe they let you drive right up to the beach, that is awesome!!
I love your blog, so glad you found mine so I could find yours!
Hope you have a lovely night.



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