Friday, March 16, 2012

Mr. Ken

This past week I was paid a visit by Mr. Ken.
Mr. Ken and I are old friends and we go way back! Mr. Ken was in fact my very first Ken.
He's been in hiding for a while packed in with toys from my childhood at my sister's house.

My sister is a nanny you see, and when her two little girls came over last week they got to play with Mr. Ken...

When I got home from work Mr. Ken and I were reunited.

If you look closely please note his pleated pants and the hideous print...
Yup, that's the 80's!
Also the nice moth hole in his shirt. Really this outfit is a jumpsuit and the shirt and pants are one piece. Hmmm....

In fact this Ken was very cool when I first got him...he had bent arms! This meant he could actually carry Barbie and his other possibilities were endless. Bent arms?!? How cool is that?!?!

Yeah I know...I'm a dork, but these were the thoughts going through my head as a young, silly homeschooled girl. Who can blame me?

What did your Ken doll look like? Any special features you loved?


hollywood said...

My Ken doll had blonde hair but it changed to honey brown when you put him under hot water! So you could change his hair color to match Barbie or Teresa!

Devon @ TheMermaidChronicles said...

Oh Mr.Ken. This post made me smile

Elle said...

Hahaha....I was cracking up as I read this! Poor Mr. Ken is put back away with Barbie in the closet now!
This one was just WAY cooler than all the straight armed Kens out there!
But a hair color changing Ken?? That is too cool for school! Haha! Why did we never have that Jenn!?



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