Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Fun Never Stops...

Last weekend my dear friend Madelyn from Madelyn St. Claire came to visit from STL! It was great to have a friend from home visit me in Houston! I've been missing all friends from MO! We had a great weekend full of fun and craziness. It was great you have Liz, Mattie & I back together again, it doesn't happen often.
The weekend was full of places such as Absinthe, 5th Amendment, Galveston Beach, Mario's on the Seawall, Empire Cafe, and shopping on Montrose!!
Here's some pictures!

Beach time!

Dinner time at the seawall...

Sunday fun before Madelyn leaves...

My birthday was this past Friday so I'll post soon about my birthday fun with Corey!
See you soon!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Sunday

I feel like this is late...but if it's pics from Easter then it has to be later than Easter so I guess it's ok.

For Easter we went to a friend's house for dinner after church. We had a great dinner and then got to watch the kids hunt for eggs! Soooo cute! Here's some pics!

Gearing up for the hunt...


Finding the treasure!

Checking out the goods!

Corey & I on the sidelines enjoying the lovely day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dresser Rehab Project

Here's a parents bought this for me sometime in my teen or pre-teen years. When going to college I passed this to my sis, then my brother-in-law ended up using it for about the past five years.
They recently bought a house and no longer need my hand-me-downs. It was about to hit a garage sale or be introduced to Craigslist...until Liz thought maybe I would want it back...but I stepped in...saved it's life...and thought about the potential it had!

Here's some before pictures:

Pretty scratched up...

Yucky goldish brassy colored handles...

Here I am in action sanding down the dresser first...

Painting the dresser and drawers white...

I looked and looked for some inexpensive new handles. I've always loved the cup drawer pulls, but needing 11 of those plus 2 more little pulls it was going to put this dresser a little higher than I wanted to invest. (Considering I don't actually NEED another dresser...)
So I went to Walmart and found this Krylon Brushed Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint for $3.50 to refinish my handles. This paint gives such a nice finish I was super happy with the results!

Sanding and creating the shabby chic look...


What do you think of my shabby chic dresser makeover?
I LOVE it! I can't wait to have a house to put it in! I'm thinking it could be for a spare bedroom...coastal shabby chic? Or....for my antique sewing room... so MANY options!!

P.S. I painted the dresser Creamy White Behr paint leftover from my sister's living room!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A walk in the park...

Ok...maybe it's not a walk in the park...but does a walk in the golf course count?
I've discovered walks with Corey are just what we need! We get away from TV, phones, computers, etc and get a chance to just talk!

My sister's neighborhood has a golf course throughout it and after everyone is done golfing we are able to walk on the cart trail throughout it. It's very peaceful and beautiful. 
Here's some views of the golf course.

Fountains, ponds, grass and trees! Lovely! :)

It's also been a great way to get in a little exercise! (Even doing some jogging) Our dogs love the walks too! :)
Maybe soon I'll have to talk some pics of my own to show you our walks!



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