Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Sunday

I feel like this is late...but if it's pics from Easter then it has to be later than Easter so I guess it's ok.

For Easter we went to a friend's house for dinner after church. We had a great dinner and then got to watch the kids hunt for eggs! Soooo cute! Here's some pics!

Gearing up for the hunt...


Finding the treasure!

Checking out the goods!

Corey & I on the sidelines enjoying the lovely day!


Madelyn St.Claire said...

How sweet.. I can totally see you and Corey with two sweet girls of your own, in matching dresses. :)

You two look great! I cannot wait to see you guys. I have missed you both SO much.

xoxo M

Elle said...

Love these pics! Sami and Madi really have to be the two cutest girls in the whole world! But then...I'm partial!



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