Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Fun Never Stops...

Last weekend my dear friend Madelyn from Madelyn St. Claire came to visit from STL! It was great to have a friend from home visit me in Houston! I've been missing all friends from MO! We had a great weekend full of fun and craziness. It was great you have Liz, Mattie & I back together again, it doesn't happen often.
The weekend was full of places such as Absinthe, 5th Amendment, Galveston Beach, Mario's on the Seawall, Empire Cafe, and shopping on Montrose!!
Here's some pictures!

Beach time!

Dinner time at the seawall...

Sunday fun before Madelyn leaves...

My birthday was this past Friday so I'll post soon about my birthday fun with Corey!
See you soon!

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