Thursday, May 10, 2012

Photos of my week

I haven't posted much lately and I apologize! I've been very busy working on my latest furniture reno project! It's coming along great and will hopefully share photos of it soon!! I also owe you photos of my birthday weekend! Until then here's some other pictures of mine...

 This bouquet was from my dear friend Madelyn, I came home after work on my birthday and there was a box from Pro Flowers on my doorstep! <3 her!!

 When shopping at Lowe's I found these wonderful whiskey barrels. I desperately wanted to get one to use as a side table or something but I wasn't sure, what do you think?

 Liz & I had a Cinco De Mayo party with homemade guacamole, pico de gallo salsa and margaritas! Yummm! Here's our friend Holly lovin' on my doggie Maverick!
Here are some flowers from the Houston Garden Center I found as we were flower shopping for Liz's house. I love the coral pink flowers like this! Looking forward to getting a house of my own to plant flowers at. Hopefully I don't kill them this time though! :/
That's all for now! 

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