Wednesday, June 6, 2012

GM Diet - Day Four

Day FOUR!!!

I think I'm doing pretty good, pretty proud of myself if I do say so. Living with three people who aren't on this diet...well let's just say it makes this REALLY hard! They are eating candy, bacon, pizza, snickers ice cream bars and more!
Yeah...nice aren't they?!?!

Well today is banana and milk day. Yesterday I was looking forward to eating bananas as I hadn't been able to all week. However, I got the bananas at Foodorama. If you're from Texas you know the place, if not...well it's the kinda crappy food market but it's on the way home/close to our house. For some reason their bananas do not taste that good. I don't know if there really can be a difference in quality in bananas, but if there can be, these were low quality bananas...they just tasted funny! :/

Beyond wasn't so bad...

Breakfast: 1 glass of milk, 1 banana
During work: lots of water & 3 bananas throughout the day as I was hungry. 
Dinner: Banana milk! 2 bananas, 2 glasses of milk, ice, and a teaspoon of vanilla. Technically vanilla isn't on the list of allowed foods. But do you think that's considered cheating? :/ I hope not!!

You'd think bananas wouldn't keep you full but it surprisingly does! Crazy!!

Day Four done!
Weigh in: -.6 lbs
Total weight loss: -3.9 lbs

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