Sunday, June 3, 2012

GM Diet - Day One

So Saturday, June 2nd was my first day on the GM diet!
Day one is all about fruits!
I started the day out with watermelon and some green grapes, and lots of water! I went to the pool for a couple of hours and decided that wasn't a good idea because the heat made me feel weak and my head hurt. Since it was Saturday I just came home and laid down in the afternoon.
With the headache gone I got up to eat more watermelon, some blueberries, cantelope(at the pool and at home), two nectarines, more water, and some of the special GM diet soup that is allowed any day.
All of that was nibbled on throughout the night as I felt hungry. I didn't feel too hungry or lightheaded, but my belly felt sooo bloated from tall the fruit and water. Could hardly hold it in!

Today was day two for my sis and brother in law...and guess what? They quit! What a bummer! I was hoping to have some help in this tough week! Oh well...this morning I got on the scale and was down 2 .4 lbs! What a great result for my first day!!

Day two is all about veggies and I have a photo shoot tonight...lets hope I make it!!

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