Tuesday, June 5, 2012

GM Diet - Day Three

Day Three!
So far so good! I have weak moments where I want regular food, but all in all I get through it!

Breakfast: Black coffee, green grapes

Lunch: "Chilean salad" which is tomatoes, onion, lemon juice, & salt - I could eat this all day every day! Yummmm!

Later lunch...was supposed to be a salad but at this point due to me adding oil & vinegar earlier the salad was so soggy and gross, I picked out the tomatoes and moved on.

Dinner: Celery salad...celery, lemon juice, salt. Yummm!

Snack: more green grapes!

Weigh in the morning after day three: -1.3 lbs
Total weight loss: -3.3 lbs


Madelyn Vogler said...

So how do you feel? Still energized? I will have to google this diet.. is it basically a 'raw' diet? Could you eat nuts?

Be sure to optimize your weightloss by being 'active'!
Get your sweat on!


Madelyn Vogler said...

Wow, so I just read about it!
I am interested in trying it... see how many pounds I can stand to lose!!
But it sounds SO hard... and a little expensive. Fruits aren't that cheap.
And I work out almost 5 times a week, I need extra energy to make it through my bootcamps. Hmmm.

Jennifer Leible said...

No nuts I don't think, it's not raw, you can cook veggies, and there are meats later in the week. It's actually not too bad, I've bought everything (more fruit than I could eat) and have only spent about $40. It's not terrible, resisting the food is tough when someone mentions something I love or I see something on TV/internet that looks yummy but I look away and think I can do this!!!
As far as workout/exercise...it's true you have to limit exercise this week so do it when your bootcamp is on a break!



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