Tuesday, July 17, 2012

House Hunting!!

 A fellow blogger once told me they were impressed by people who worked full time and still blogged.
Well...I don't think I'm doing so good at this lately! 

Sadly I missed my most recent blogger meet-up and those girls inspire me to keep blogging even when I'm down. I need to see them again soon!

 Also contributing to the lack of blogging includes:
1. Furniture refinishing side jobs take up every evening
2. House Hunting for our own place!!

Now...originally we were going to buy a house in Houston. However, we decided that it would be best to just rent for now since we're not sure what part of Houston we want to live in, etc.
Last Tuesday Corey and I went looking at 3 places all owned/run by the same company (Duke Realty....stay away!!). The guy showing us was quite a character (stained, half-tucked shirt...) and the houses were in awful condition! We left feeling sooo depressed!
My sis Christie came to the rescue though! She stayed up searching HAR.com for better choices and contacting her realtor friend to show us the properties!
Saturday the three of us met up at Cafe Express for lunch and then off we went!
(Corey had to work...he trusted me to pick out our place!)
We saw about 7 or 8 properties...and some interesting things like baby lizards, roaches, blood on a bathroom floor...oh how rental properties are sooo awesome. (not!)

The last 2 properties were townhouse homes with 2 car garages, fenced yards, 3 bd & 2.5 baths!They were new and very nice!
Accidentally the one didn't allow pets (I looked too quickly!)
So we settled on the other one! The paperwork is submitted and now we just need to hear back! Hopefully sooon!!!

Of course we picked one with no community pool...so if you have one please share!! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Distressed Re-do!

As I mentioned recently I am starting up a side business re-finishing furniture. I'm on my second job now. Just delivered my first project to my client on Saturday! 

Here's pictures of the desk I refinished. 
I also redid a matching hutch but didn't get great pictures of it. :(

 My husband loved this finish so much he told me when we get a house he wants me to do a whole room in this finish!! Maybe his study?! 

If you're interested in re finishing that old ugly piece please contact me! You've got an ugly pressed board piece from your college days? No worries, it can look like you paid 10 times that much after I refinish it for you!! 

I added my furniture pictures to my website . . . check it out here . . .



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