Tuesday, August 21, 2012

House Appraisal . . . check!

Today we got our appraisal in for our house! It came in over the sale price so we're good! One step closer to this process being done! 
My lender went on and on about what a nice house it is and all the upgrades being so fantastic. My lender, my insurance guy, my realtor. . .everyone has been very great during this process!

Now nothing is ever done when it comes to buying or owning a house. . .

 So of course next up on my to do list is finding a home warranty company. In our contract they are paying $350 towards a home warranty.
In STL we had AHS and I liked them but of course now their prices aren't online and today they called me during work twice within 6 minutes so they are aren't looking too great at the moment. 
My sisters have Allied and they are happy with them. My realtor listed One Guard, Old Republic, First American & American Home Shield.
Since I haven't heard of the first three I'm really not sure. Any suggestions/advice?!

On a happier note we close in two weeks! Yay! Can't wait!!

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Madelyn Vogler said...

Oh my goodness Jenn! Thats crazy, and SO exciting! I am so happy everything is falling into place!

I've done business with Old Republic a lot when I worked for the developer. They were involved with every home and property closing.
Good luck! I cannot wait to hear more!!!



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