Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pinterest DIY Salt & Pepper Shakers

I finally got around to creating something I saw on Pinterest!

Here's my inspiration photo:
 I'm prepped with newspaper, sandpaper, paintbrush, paint, and my garage sale found salt & pepper shakers!


(My hubby helped me sand!!)

One coat of paint:
(Behr flat paint, in Soft Rhapsody. I actually wanted satin and thought all sample jars came in satin but apparently not! Realized it was flat when I got home...but I think it still looks good.)

I used Minwax Finishing Paste Wax as a finishing/protective coat.


I love my new salt & pepper shakers!! 

1 comment:

Madelyn Vogler said...

Oh how awesome they look!! And it sounded like a rather easy makeover! I need to spend more time on pinterest!!



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