Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coastal Distressed Shutters

In my new house I have lots of new wall space to fill. One night while pinterest-ing I got inspired by some of my pins. I've had some old shutters sitting around for a while and I decided to put them to good use!

I grabbed them, sanded them down just a little with my orbital sander. Then I lightly brushed on Valspar's "Channel Seal Grey" that I've used for numerous projects in the past.

 After painting the shutters the base coat I then lightly brushed on Behr's "Soft Rhapsody".

Completed and hung...

 I LOVE my new wall decor!

Also..I have three shutters left, and if anyone can convince me to let go of them for their home I would love to create something pretty for your house!


1 comment:

Darby Hawley said...

Those looks great! Love the colors in there!



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