Friday, November 9, 2012

Rustic Burlap Wreath Tutorial

While browsing pinterest I came across this wreath:

Rustic Burlap, Ivory and Jute Wreath LOVE

I knew right away I wanted to make it. A couple of weeks ago my neighborhood had a community garage sale. During the treasure hunting I came across a twig wreath for only $1!

Thus my creative mind began doing it's thing...
I grabbed the wreath, some twine I had, scraps of fabric. I used burlap, osnaburg, cream lace and a gold/cream brocade.

Twine from Lowe's or HD.

Twig Wreath

Glue gun with 1.5 - 2" fabric strips to create rosettes

Start with knotting the end of the strip. Then twist the fabric clockwise while gluing it down every little bit.

I also created more of a rose looking flower where I started with a knot and just folded the strip in half, gluing every so often.

Also while garage sale-ing I found this "L" for $1. Perfect for our last name.
It was originally a zebra print motif. I painted over that with Valspar's Careless Whisper paint.

Then I glazed it with Martha Stewart's Black Coffee glaze.

I'm not sure I glazed so well...I read after that you're supposed to use a damp cloth. I didn't..but oh well. . .still turned out good!

Final product . . . hanging on our front door!

I only spent $2 on this wreath. Everything else I already had!
I love it!!
Come visit us to see it in person!!


Shannon said...

I would love to come see it in person. It looks so cute! I'm a bit jealous of all the time you have for being so crafty! I need a craft partner here.

Elle said...

Love the wreath! It turned out great!
I like how both our homemade wreaths reflect our own style and personality!

I awarded you the Liebster Award! Check it out:

Madelyn Vogler said...

Too cute! I think your wreath looks better than the tutorial photo!! You can really work that burlap into some super cute flowers! And the "L" is just perfect.
Great job! I wish I had a front door to hang a wreath in.




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