Friday, December 7, 2012

PB Benchwright Table Knock-Off

Thanks to the amazing Ana White my hubby Corey and I were able to build our first real piece of furniture. Heavy duty, solid wood, gorgeous design. We are pretty proud of ourselves! :)
We needed a table for our breakfast room and this was perfect!

We started out on a trip to Lowe's to get all our supplies. Here's a view of all the wood we bought. It's a mix of whiteboard for the base and red oak for the top.

Here's the hubs making a cut on his miter saw.

Some pieces cut at 10 degree angles for the legs.

Gluing and nailing the first part of the legs together.

 both legs complete . . .

The base is together!! Yay!!

With brackets for the table top . . .

Pocket holes made with the kreg jig!

 Adding the breadboard ends to the table.

Carriage bolts on the breadboards for a cool farmhouse look! 

Time for the table top! The red oak boards placed carefully one by one.

 And more of the red oak boards placed . . .

 Table top complete!!

Here's a look from the underside, just an idea of the support/construction put in to it.
 Sanding it down so we can stain it.

 Complete and in the house!!

I missed getting pictures but we drilled holes and ran a black iron pipe through the base to complete the look.

And instead of making chairs we bought them.

We also plan to make one bench for the table so it can seat six.

Love our new table! So glad Corey and I could work together on this awesome project!

Here's the original Pottery Barn table if you want to check it out.



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