Tuesday, January 15, 2013

5 Dr. Suess Quotes to Live By

Hmmmm. . .today has been interesting. A project at work has me going through 8,700 monogrammed item stock numbers and matching them with their design code for our new system. *yay* Not!
I got through 17% of it today. . .and they wanted it done tomorrow!

My hubby is sick. Doctor prescribed rest. Ugh! 
Annnnnd . . . . .

My poor little doggie Maverick is terribly sick! Vomiting, Diarrhea with blood...
 SUPER YUCK, I know! 
I freaked out when I saw the blood so we took him to the ER animal hospital. They checked him out real good and ran blood test and all sorts of stuff to make sure everything was ok inside. It pretty much is...he is dehydrated and they gave him lots of injections and some meds.
The bill . . .



Tax return is now partially spoken for! Geeez. It's a major bummer but we love our doggies so much and I was so worried. 

We got home and he's already acting better. Let's see how the night goes . . .

Hope ya'll had a better and cheaper day than me!

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