Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pinterest Party Blogger Meetup

Sunday was our monthly blogger group meetup. I love this group of girls! We had a Pinterest themed party where we each brought a Pinterest inspired food item. Then we did a Pinterest inspired craft! In my previous post you can see my food item - Cheesecake filled strawberries! They were a hit! 
Unless everyone lied to me to be nice. . . :/
Dang I hope not! 

The craft was so cute and fun! Planned by our fellow blogger Bree @ The Thing About Joy

Here's a look at the stackable bracelet craft and some pics of our time together!

Also, these girls' photography skills are putting me to shame. Me and my camera phone can't keep up! Hope ya'll enjoyed the craft and the pics!


Darby Hawley said...

So so so so loved catching up with you!

Breonna said...

OOOH YOU! were responsible for the cheesecake strawberries. I tried to tell my coworkers about it and it just came out "oh..ohmuhgawd...the strawberries...and the cheesecake...woah". :)

Meg Cady said...

SO great to meet you... and have your yummy strawberries!!

Bree said...

Dude I could've eaten the whole pan of strawberries!!!!! omgahhh lol

PS- we're still on for next Tuesday, yes? :)

The Cavallaro's said...

LOOOVE this ANNNND lovvve yooouu



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