Monday, February 18, 2013

Boot Camp Beginner

Last night as my day was winding down I checked my email...
I saw a Groupon deal for a 4 week session of boot camp for $39. 

Hmmmm. . .
Good price. . .
 Where is it??

Oh. . . there's a location one mile from my house. . . 

When is it? 
6:30 - 7:30 M - Thu
Starts tomorrow?

I should do that!
So I bought it!
I registered.
and BAM!

 I just joined up for my first boot camp ever!

Those of you that know me, know I really don't work out. I'm not athletic and this is generally not in my nature. So it's pretty weird.
However, there is a Biggest Loser competition at my work to win $250 and a reserved parking space at our new building. So that's big motivation. Also I have been needing to lose weight and I'm not getting anywhere on my own. I need some serious motivation.

So right now I'm laying in bed after my first session. . .
I feel ok. I'm not dead, but I am tired. My arms feel heavy. I know it will get harder so hopefully I can keep up. I know I won't see results right away, but the idea of results keeps me motivated. (But only for so long!)

I'll keep ya'll up to date on my progress. But I have to say, this won't help my blogging a whole lot as it cuts out 1.5 hours out of my evening!

I hope ya'll had a good weekend! We did a few projects around the house and I need to get them posted!


Madelyn Vogler said...

Yay, I'm so proud of you! All it takes is that first step out the door, and then the motivation to continue. :)
I hope you love it, keep an open mind, and don't think too much during the workout, just do what they instruct.
Pain is good! Hard work pays off.
Love ya!


Meg said...

Good for you!!! I joined weight watchers a few weeks back. Not going to lie, I suck at it, BUT it's motivation! Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see what projects y'all have been working on!

Madelyn Vogler said...

Results or not, be sure to stick with it. You will see changes over time. It took a month or so for me to see/feel results. I shaved 7 minutes off my 5k time! Doing bootcamp is a heck of a lot better than doing nothing. Really push yourself too, and don't make excuses to not going to class. Also, if you are sore the next day, be sure to walk it off. :) I'm sure the instructor gave tips, and if not be sure to ask them for tips! Its so important to be healthy, you will feel and look better if you do. Something I have to remind myself, I can work out and work out all I want, but I will only see results if I also keep healthy eating habits. If you don't all that exercise will be lost.
I'm not sure if you would be willing to fork out more money on shakes, but Beth El sells a great product- Shakeology. I love it, it has provided me with so much energy to get active. But its a bit expensive.



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