Sunday, February 24, 2013

Farmhouse Style Bed Frame

I'm so excited to share with you my . . .

We wanted something like the Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed but $1299 was a little out of our price range.

We found plans on for her Farmhouse Queen Bed.

You can download the plans here.

Once we found the plans and printed them out we got to work!

 Here's the headboard being put together.
We had 8 - 1x8's 30" long and 4 - 1x4's 60" long
We used wood glue and our Dewalt pneumatic brad nailer to attach the 1x4 across the 1x8's.

Then repeated it for the Footboard:(1 x 8's 15" long)

4 x 4 posts attached
54" tall for the headboard and 21" tall for the footboard.
You must pre-drill holes when attaching the posts, and use 4.5" screws. Then fill the holes with wood putty or wood plugs.

A view from the top so you can see the assembly.

Next, we place a 2 x 4 on top with wood glue and screws, then a 2 x 6 on top of that, with wood glue and the brad nailer.
Remember to fill all holes with wood putty.
Once we completed these steps for the headboard and footboard we made side rails from 2 x 10's. The side rails were 83.5" long.

We sanded everything carefully, making sure everything was nice and smooth.
We wanted a dark color bed, but didn't necessarily want to stain it, so we decided to paint it. The paint actually still showed the shape of the wood grain in a very cool way. Many people think it's just a very dark stain. 
(Paint color is Phantom Mist - we chose it because it was a close match for the dressers and nightstands we already had)

Next was assembly!
We brought everything into our room

We had built a support structure for the box spring and mattress that we left unfinished since it wouldn't show.

We used pocket holes (Kreg Jig) for the side rails so we can easily take apart and re-assemble if needed.
Then regular 3" screws to put the support frame on.

It was NOT easy trying to sandwich the frame inside the side rails and head/footboard! We needed a rubber mallet to gently get it in there.

Here you can see my hubby hard at work!

And. . . it's done!!!


 More pics of the room.

 Dresser and coffee burlap sack stool

Metal & Burlap laundry hamper

Chair I re-upholstered last year - looks great in our room!
 I hope you enjoyed seeing the bed we made and a sneak peak into our bedroom. I am so happy with the end result! And for a fraction of the price, you can't beat it!


Darby Hawley said...

OMG this looks amazing!!!!! Seriously, so awesome!

Domesticable said...

Holy wow! This is amazing!



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