Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Garage Door Makeover

Before I show you my garage door makeover I have to tell you all that my blogger friend Darby @ Life With The Hawleys gave me the idea so she gets full idea credit! 

We have spent a lot of time working on things inside the house, but not outside. So we decided to purchase the garage door carriage accessories to spruce up our garage door.
Now...I got excited that Darby said it would only be $20. However, when we found them 
(by the way Lowe's doesn't sell them in store boooo)
 we of course picked out another style that was more expensive! Bummer. Oh well, it was still only $40.

So, here's the before. . . 

Boring right?


Here's the AFTER!!

I know... stunning right? Did it knock your socks off? Mine too!

Also this weekend we clean up our front yard. You see, our front yard had a pine tree and a sweet gum tree in it. Needless to say they both drop a lot of crap, leaving our yard looking yucky! We raked up 6+ bags right before Christmas. Again we got 6 bags filled up. Geeez!! 
After that we rinsed out our fountain, and the hubs decided to clean it so a drop of Dawn on each level. . . BUBBLES. So many bubbles. This picture was from it's tame period. Later it looked like the North Pole landed in our front yard! So funny!! It better be clean now!

 Time for bed, Goodnight!!


Darby Hawley said...

hehe the bubbles in the fountain are funny! When we were in college there was a fountain in the middle of campus and right before any special event on campus somehow bubbles always found there way to the fountain ;-)

Your garage door looks great!!!

Roll Up Gate Repairs Manhattan said...

A good garage door can last many years if properly maintained and if built from the right kind of quality material. In fact many older homes today have garage doors installed that are over 15 years old and still functioning just fine.

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Meg said...

YOU HAVE A FOUNTAIN IN YOUR YARD?!?!?! You're so fancy!! I love it! I love the garage door accessories as well. I didn't know such a thing existed! My parents just had two huge pine trees removed from their front yard. I've never seen pine trees shed like they do here in Texas! Thanks for sharing!

Mandi Roach said...

Hi there! Visiting you from the Houston Blogger Social Club. Thanks for letting me take a peek of your world here. XOXO Mandi Roach

Roxie Magnus said...

Good job! I believe you chose white because of its simplicity. Matching it with few black garage accessories happened to accentuate your garage's style and put emphasis on its sides and center, which made it neither boring nor overkill! I may have it as an inspiration for my future house. ;)

-Roxie Magnus



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