Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Year Changes

After the new year began and things were settling down for the holidays it was time to get back on track with working on our house bit by bit.

With Christmas money we ordered a new ceiling fan for our bedroom! Yay!! Haha...

Here's the old one...

Do you need a closer look?

Yup it's hideous and it had a tassel for a pull chain. With all the nice details in this house there are certainly some very crappy things too!

So we ordered this from Lowe's...

That's not a great picture of the new fan but you get the idea...oil rubbed bronze metal, dark wood blades, etc. MUCH nicer!!

I can now lay in bed, look up and not cringe!


I also came across these adorable vintage style plates from Target that I couldn't live without!
They look great on the farmhouse table we built in the fall!

 I <3 them! They are small so I need to find a larger accent plate to go under them.

We also built a bed in January!
Pictures of that to come in a few days.

Until then, Goodnight!!

1 comment:

Madelyn Vogler said...

I. Cannot. Wait. To. See. THE BED!!!



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