Monday, March 4, 2013

DIY Iron Pipe & Fittings Curtain Rod

 So we have two sets of windows on the back side of our house. The previous owners didn't have any curtains up and so it felt ok with just blinds. . . Until I was at Home Goods with my sis and we found some awesome linen curtains with shimmer in them. She even bought one pair for me!
The only place I still need curtains was on those windows so I thought. . . why not? 
Except, I didn't want to put them up with regular curtain rods, so me and the hubs went to the hardware store and picked up black iron pipes (they cut them to the length we needed) along with iron elbows and flanges. The flanges are pretty expensive but we wanted the industrial look so it was worth it!

Here's a before curtain picture. . .

And some after pictures. . .

Here's some close ups of the fittings.

Here's a close up of the ties. I use twine because it's what I had, and I happened to the like the look of it.

And since I didn't have tie backs, I used pins to tack them to the wall. 
(sssshhhhh don't tell anyone!)

Love my new curtains and curtain rods!!


Darby Hawley said...

So creative! Love the way you hung the curtains...way better than a generic curtain rod :-)

Domesticable said...

Gorgeous! I love the rustic feel

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness girl! These are amazing. What an awesome idea!

Jeff Riley said...

You are such a genius! Now I have an idea on how to use my spare pipe fittings in the Philippines.



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