Tuesday, April 23, 2013

a POP of color

My posts lately have been few and far in between...
Let me tell you what I've been up to...

1. Gardening - I weeded my front garden beds, laid weed blocker, and mulched!
2. Painted our master bedroom! The color: Castle Rock. <3 it!!! So cozy & relaxing!
3. Working like a dog! Many nights I stay till 5:30 or 6. May not seem like a lot but it's taking a lot of my energy.
4. Sewing an outdoor bench cushion for my sis.
5. Preparing for turning another year older (My birthday is this Saturday!!)
6. Re-finishing other people's furniture!

Which  brings me to my post!
I met an awesome lady who wants to add a POP of color to her house. Her color of choice? "Cozumel" a bright turquoise! I love working with this bright color! 

Here's some pics of the latest project for her. 
(I'm already starting the next one which is why I'm STILL so busy!!)

Hope you enjoyed this POP of color!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Their trash, my treasure!

Another weekend of garage sale-ing!
My hubby got the day off last minute and I was so thankful to have company. Looking for garage sales alone is no fun!

Here's some pics of our finds!
I'll give you a run down on our finds! 

The garage organizer will be perfect to hold out shovel, broom, rake, etc. 

The office chair for the hubs is solid wood, so he's going to sand it down and stain it a dark color. . .it'll be gorgeous!

The blurred out object in the middle is a present for my sis, and she usually reads my blog and I didn't want to ruin the surprise. . .should have thought about it before the pic!!

The matching chairs will have the seats re-covered. I'll add some padding and upholstery to them. Can't decide whether to paint them or leave them the natural wood. . .any suggestions?!

I got some glass cloches that will look so cute around my house!

The small can of paint on the ground is a pearlized paint from the UK. It was $1...how can I pass up some fun new paint all the way from the UK for only one dollar ?!

The book you see laying on the office chair. . .
"What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding". No, this isn't an announcement. My hubby actually wanted to get it. He thought it would be funny, and it was only 50 cents.
This will either scare him, or prepare him . . . we shall see!!

 Zooming in, check out this . . . thing!
I don't know what it is or was for, but I love the finial top and the peeling paint & patina! It looks great as a decorative accessory in my house!

One of the cloches close up. A canister for our kitchen, and an empty frame that was only 10 cents! That will make a great chicken wire memory board!
If you missed out garage sale-ing with me, well...maybe next time?! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

From Calender to Chalkboard

A few weeks back I was garage sale-ing and found another treasure that I would be able to upcycle to a chalkboard for my home!

Here's the after picture:

 And before:
 It was a vintage Lang Calendar Frame in which you could hang your calendar in the frame to keep it pretty looking.

Here's a pic of a Lang frame with calender. 

photo courtesy of http://www.oldmilloriginals.com

So after I satisfied my curiosity of this brand, I moved on to take it apart.

I removed the back so I could paint the frame & board.
I forgot to take progress pics. On the back board I painted a coat of primer, lightly sanded, then 3 coats of chalkboard paint. 

I had the canned paint not the spray paint, but you don't see the brush strokes after it dries. 

I followed the instructions on the jar for how long to wait between coats and how to cure the chalkboard paint before you write on it. Make sure you follow these as well!

This calendar frame was great for a chalkboard because it has a little scooped ledge for chalk! Yay!


And here's more after pics!

 I know what you're thinking...an exciting menu huh?!?! :)

The hubs & I have been having  fun writing different messages on the board.
Weekend Plans
Work Schedules
Cute Messages
Ornary Messages! (Thanks babe! :/)

It's such a fun new piece in our house! We love it!



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