Sunday, May 5, 2013

Birthday Weekend #1

 My 27th birthday was April golden birthday! Yay! It fell on a Saturday, which was awesome. My sister Liz @Barefoot And Beautiful drove up to my house to go garage saling and antiquing! I didn't find much at the garage sales that day. However, I fell in love with this antique shop that I've always wanted to visit!
It's located on Jones Rd near 1960. Here's the front, you can't miss it!

We got there before it opened at 10am, and began talking with one of the vendors there. He was so excited that it was our first time there, he gave us 20% off on a reclaimed bookshelf I was eying! Here it is:

And here is a not so great picture of it in my house!
I'm LOVING this shelf and the reclaimed wood looks awesome with the frame above it!

After that we headed out to Plantersville, TX. We stopped for lunch at a local spot, The Relay Station. It was a cute place to eat with some great rustic decor! I was loving this wagon wheel mason jar chandelier!

 A local man saw that we were celebrating my birthday and even paid for our lunch! So sweet, I love small towns!

The Relay Station is home of a food challenge. You must eat an 85 oz sirloin, including a baked potato and salad bar withing 75 minutes!
If you're eating like a king you get to feel like one too, you get to sit in this chair while participating in the challenge.

And the wall of fame for those who succeeded!

Next we went to Bernhardt Windery (oops...the flag cut off the T)

The beautiful entrance to the winery.

Ready to Taste!

Our tasting list. We were able to try 6 wines for $5, plus a freebie as they were featuring a new wine that month!


We all settled on the Blanc Du Bois sweet. It was perfectly refreshing for the Spring weather!

View from the winery

That evening (among the downpour happening) my hubby took me out to eat at Don Julio's.
We enjoyed Fajitas for two!


 All in all it was a wonderful birthday! I enjoyed every moment of it!
Stay tuned for Birthday Weekend #2. My sister threw me an amazing birthday brunch!!
You don't want to miss those pictures!!


Lauren said...

I just went to Bernhardt for the first time a few weeks ago and I thought it was so cute! Glad you had a good time!

Domesticable said...

Um...we share the same birthday. this completely explains our creativity!



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