Sunday, May 12, 2013

Birthday Weekend #2

I feel pretty special to have people help me celebrate my birthday 2 weekends in a row!
My sister, Elle @ Barefoot and Beautiful planned and decorated this wonderful birthday brunch for me!

Here's some of the decor:

Then the food:

Here she is prepping!

Doesn't it all look delish? It was!

 Guests arrived and I got to show them around my house and talk about all the projects we've done!

Time to eat! :)

Such great friends, they even help clean up!

We played a silly game that was fun. 

Trying to justify one of my answers!

Time for presents!! These girls got me some awesome gifts! Every one of them was so well thought about and were things I LOVED!
Not pictured...I got 2 hibiscus plants!! So excited to plant those!

A blogging magazine from fellow blogger Bree @ The Thing About Joy
I've never read this magazine so I was super excited!

 Check out this little video that my sister's Mother in Law made for me! It's a cute way to remember this fun day!


1 comment:

Madelyn Vogler said...

Ya!! How awesome, you have such a wonderful sister and great friends!
Wish I could have joined!




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