Thursday, July 4, 2013

Anniversary Trip to San Antonio

In June we celebrated 4 years of marriage! We were able to take a trip to San Antonio to celebrate, and see some friends that were in town! Corey had never been to San Antonio so this was all a new experience for him! Loved getting to take him there!

 Corey and I having chips, salsa and drinks on the Riverwalk!
(Tip: Casa Rio is the best Mexican on the Riverwalk!!)

 Then we headed to Hemisfair Park...built for the 1968 World's Fair!

Then dinner at the Chart House located at the top of the Tower of the Americas!

View from our table

Corey was really impressed!! :)

Our anniversary dinner!

The view at night, and our hotel the Hilton Palacio Del Rio cheering on the Spurs! Look closely and you'll see it says "GO SPURS"

 The tower lit up at night!

A gazebo in Hemisfair Park.  Very fitting since we got married at a gazebo!

Our friends Holly & Alex! They also just got engaged so we were able to help them celebrate too!

We visited the Alamo! 

The Alamo at night! looks like it's haunted!

We got to take a river tour!

 We ate at lots of restaurants while we were there. This is at Dick's Last Resort. A very interesting place with very interesting drinks!

Corey's drink doubles as a piggy bank! It's now his tool fund!

We also visited the Mexican Market, and of course Corey had to buy a cigar.

 By the end of the second day we were beat from all the walking and heat!
Our doggies missed us and we headed home.
Happy Anniversary honey! It's been a wonderful 4 years! Can't wait for the next 40!

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Blacina Pineda said...

Absolutely love your post, Jenn! Bree of course sent me your link since we're planning our anniversary in San Antonio too!



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