Sunday, September 22, 2013

So You've Heard about Ancestry, Now What??

Those of you know me outside of the blogging world know that I'm a bit of an ancestry nerd! For those of you who have never researched your own ancestry, I've decided to help out!

 Over the next few months I'm going to  give you the tools to start your own ancestry research.

Inspired by my favorite shows Who Do You Think You Are, you will take your own journey in discovering where you came from and how it shaped you into who you are today.

Here's what you'll learn in:
1. What you need to start your research
2. How to use
3. What information is worth paying for?
4. What are the best sites to use and why?
 5. You've hit a brick wall, where do you go now?
6. What to do with your research.
7. Lots more details that you'll learn as we go!

As we begin this 'journey' I'll start with a photo from my family history. 
This picture is of my great grandparents. I got the original copy from my aunt. The photo is mounted on thick card stock. It's one of several photos I'm proud to have of my ancestors.

How did I get interested in ancestry research, you may ask. 

I'm not 100% sure when it really started. I remember that in college during my Clothing History class that we had to put together a book of old photos of our family and talk about their clothing and how it related to the decade. We had to cover at least 7 decades, so you had to go way back.
I began to gather photos for the project and I imagine that had a lot to do with my further interest.

When starting ancestry research, the first thing to do is to gather  as much information as you can from your family. 

I recommend this information be gathered on 2-3 generations beyond yourself with at least 1 or more generations not living.

1. First & Last names of husband and wife (maiden names for the wife)
2. Birth & Death dates for the people. If exact dates aren't known, try to learn the year.
3. Birth & Death locations - states are a must, county and/or city are helpful.

Tips on where to find this info? 
-Ask your parents! Ask your Aunts, Uncles, & Grandparents!

- Family Bibles are primary sources for genealogy research. They often have a small family tree or major family and life info listed in the beginning of the Bible.

- Family scrapbooks - look through scrapbooks of old photos and newspaper clippings. Names are often written on the back of old photos - see if you can find out your grandmother's maiden name! Obituaries often give parents and children's names, helping you connect to another generation.
Dig in and find out what you can, next post we'll talk about how to get started on


If anyone would like help on this, I'm happy to meet up and assist you with starting your family tree. *Free of charge*
Ancestry research is a passion of mine and I love to help others explore their roots.

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Elle said...

Very cool! I think I might want to try researching Justin's side of the family! I will have to call his grandma and get a bunch of info from her. I know she has a LOT! I might need your help after that!

~ Elle

Breanna Pair said...

Awesome!! I can't wait to get started. I know my dad will want to help for sure. :)

Lauren said...

Look at you implementing all you learned this weekend! I think my grandpa has done lots of research on our family. I have heard that it's addictive!



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