Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting started with your family tree

BEFORE you sign up for I want to remind you that is not free. It does however, give you two free weeks when you sign up. 
I strongly suggest you cancel all social activities for those two weeks so that you can take full advantage of this time. (joking but not really)

When you head to you'll see the home page:

To begin, enter your info in 'Get Started' 

Then enter your father's info (I got VERY creative to protect my family's information - My father was not born in 1858...)
 And your mother's info. . .

Once you've followed those steps you'll come to this page, your family tree!

 You can now proceed to add your grandparents, your great grandparents, as far back as you have info.

Once names are in there you'll start to see little green leaves by their names...those are hints. Meaning has found a document or record that most likely relates to your ancestor. 

Follow these hints by hovering over the person and clicking on the part that says "4 Ancestry hints"


You'll find this page:

The first hint shows that there are other family trees who have this person listed. This is GOLD for the curious mind and person who doesn't have any more information on a person.
There's a catch. Not every family tree is accurate, so look at the information. Does the father's & mother's birth dates look right? Usually about 20-30 years older than the child is accurate. Does the birth & death location look correct? People didn't move around much.

The second hint tells you this person was in the military in some aspect - that is always great info! If you click on it, it may give you details on how they served.

The third hint gives a public record. This is most likely telling you where this person lived during their life. Possibly will give an actual home address. This can be fun - I like to put the address in Google Maps and look at the street view. If it's an old public record the house may not be there anymore.

The fourth hint is self-explanatory, it's the Social Security death record. You'll often find the person's social security number on this. Am I the only one that finds that scary?!?

Click the "Review Hint" button on each of these and go through the information on them. will prompt and guide you through adding this info onto your family tree.

Do this for all people with a green leaf. 
*WARNING* This may take you many hours!

If anyone would like help on this, I'm happy to meet up and assist you with starting your family tree. 
*Free of charge*
Ancestry research is a passion of mine and I love to help others explore their root!

Don't forget to follow me and subscribe by email to find out the next steps in researching your family tree! 

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