Thursday, October 31, 2013

Just call me a Picker

I love garage saleing. Most of you probably already know that! 
The things you can find when garage saleing is just thrilling to me!

(I secretly wish my career could be a picker. . . still waiting for Mike & Frank to answer my emails)

Here's my finds from my latest trip treasure hunting!

Vintage Nancy Drew books?! Yes please. I wanted to be Nancy Drew growing up (who am I kidding? I still do.)

Glass cloche and mini stoneware jug? Don't mind if I do.

Fall decor cheaper than the dollar store? Okay.

Vintage horse called "Wonder Horse" I'm hoping I struck gold and he's really worth a fortune. One can dream can't they?!

What about you? Do you like garage saleing? What cool things have you found?

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Sarah said...

I love doing this too! I never remember to take pics of what I get though. I spy Step Up! ;) I have been wanting to watch that again forever!!! Haha

Lauren said...

The horse reminds me of the one you used to see in the background on Full House, haha! Great finds. I never have cash so I never go garage sale-ing. I should work on that!



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